Social Work Dissertation Proposal Plan

Proposal Plan (2,000 words)

Introduction (250 words)-
  * Broad outline of research area: Sexual exploitation
  * Reason for selecting this area of research- own views and reasons/ relevance in today’s society
  * Then introduce the research question and be more specific  
  * Outline what the project aims to do and how
  * What I hope to achieve: broaden the literature in this area and to assist social workers and social work practice. Also to limit the ‘taboo’ reaction around something so important and sadly something so prominent in society.

Literature Review (350 words)-
  * Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the research (including relevant legislation and policy) and any relevant reading done to date: this is what I know so far, which provides some rational on why my project is important right now.
  * Present critical appraisal of the literature: a critical literature review demonstrates the rationale or importance of my research project.
  * Once evaluation literature end the section with bullet points on aims and objective of the project.

Methodology (650 words)-
  * This is a literature review that I am going to conduct systemically. A literature review enables depth of understanding of the area and significant relevant issues. It synthesises research and ideas and will allow me to identify any gaps for future research. Synthesis of ideas and perspectives that compliment evidence-based social work practice (Hart, 2005).
  * This is my research question and this is how I am going to conduct it… I will be using these search terms… these data bases… and will focus upon primary research that is UK based.
  * The primary research I will use will be critically apprised using either CASP/ TAPUPAS and give the reasons for using these tools and to show I have been systematic in my research approach.
As Rutter et al. (2010: 50) pointS out:
“ The relevance of a study to the review topic, and the appropriateness of...