Social Skills Secrets

Social Skills Secrets
Tao Ziyuan

Have you ever encountered someone who didn't seem quite right? Was it the lack of a handshake when you extended your hand? Did he not make eye contact or maybe makes too much? Or perhaps he hardly seemed to pay attention to what you were saying,
abruptly changing the subject, focusing on irrelevant details.You might have wondered, “Is he ignoring me, making fun of me, or is he abnormmal? Maybe there's something wrong with him.”In any case, you probably did not want to continue your interaction.Although people who behave strangely may make us feel uneasy, confused, or even a little angry, their behavior is not necessarity indicative of psychological or emotional imbalances. Instead, they may have problems with social skills which are important capacities that provide the foundations for life long success.

Lack of Social Skills:A Common Reason for Failure
Most people who fail for lack of social skills talk of “office politis”doing them in,but the politics may be nothing more than normal interactions among people.If you have trouble with “office politics”,you may really be having trouble dealing with people.
You may get along on brilliance alone for a while,but most careers involve other people.You can have great academic intelligence and still lack social intelligence-the ability to be a good listener,to be sensitive toward others,to give and take criticism well.People with social skills admit their mistakes,take their share of blame and move on.They know how to build team support.
If you lack of social skills and make people don’t like you,they may help you fail.One day at an airport,a traveler observed a well-dressed bussinessman yelling at a porter about the porter’s handling of his luggage.The more abusive the bussinessman became,the calmer the porter seemed.After the businessman left,the traveler complimented the porter on his restraint.“Oh,that’s nothing,”he said,smiling.“You know,that man’s going to...