Social Sercurity

You need to plan for your retirement because Social Security will not cover everything.

I) We can not depend on Social Security alone to survive
  A. Even our federal government is trying to figure out how they are going to provide Social Security for those that are on it.
                1. The government has used the social security funds to pay debts that they owe.
                2. The government is steadily taking away the incentives that they have been giving the people on social security every year.
  B. The government owes so much money to other countries.
        1. We owe money to china and other countries so how can they afford to keep paying Social Security to people.
        2. The government is going to eventually run out of money to pay anyone anything.
II) Social Security does not provide us with enough funds to live off of.
  A. Most people now that are on Social Security have to find work.
                1. The people that are suppose to collect Social Security tell they expire are having to go out and find work.
                2. With the steady decrease of funds for Social Security people cannot afford anything.
  B. The increasing prices and the rapidly decrease of our economic status.
        1. Our economy is decreasing instead of increasing
        2. With the decreasing of the economy things become more expensive and it is harder to survive.

I have decide to put my paragraphs in this order because it makes my paper flow better. I have not found all of my information. I still have some more research to do. I have found it hard to find credible resources for this topic. When I find all of my information there will be more information to put in so the paper will flow much more smoothly. Also it will show both sides of the story. I am going to start of with the government trying to figure out how they are going to keep paying the people who are on social security their money. That will show support my side. Then I...