Social Sciences

Tma 04 Compare and contrast the modernist and flexible approaches to the ordering of traffic.

Essay plan

Introduction: To discuss what my essay is going to be about.
The essay/main body
The Buchanan Report ( 1963 ) I will be comparing and contrasting this approach with
Monderman's thesis   ( 1982 ) on the ordering of traffic.
Goffman's interactional order
Foucault's order of things, ( 1956 )
Conclusion:- A summary of   what's been covered in the main body.
Word count
Self - reflection.


This essay   will be looking at   two different approaches to the ordering of traffic, namely the Buchanan Report, a modernist approach, and the Monderman thesis, a flexible approach to ordering roads, and I will be comparing and contrasting them.
I will also look at   Goffeman's intractional order and Foucault's order of things.

The Buchanan Report, was a report for the ministry of transport, commissioned by the Uk Government it was published as   The Traffic in Towns report (1963) .The report acquired great authority   ( Sliva, 2009,pg 331).In this report Buchanan was given the task of finding a way for road infrastructure to be matched with that of vehicle demand. “A future of choking road congestion was feared unless the rapid rise in demand for car travel was matched by an increased supply of roads” (Silva, 2009, p.327). Buchanan’s approach was to restrict car use in towns and on keeping pedestrians and cars apart 'segregation' With The Report came an increasing array of traffic lights, kerbs, railings, road markings and an ever-expanding assortment of traffic calming measures, like warning signs, speed humps and others ( Sliva, 2009,pg 333).

A more recent approach has challenged the principle of segregation and the use of these 'calming' measures.( Sliva, 2009,pg 333) Monderman's thesis, highlighted in the Drachten Experiment (2004), was created by Hans Monderman, “a Dutch engineer who in the 1980’s devised the...