Social Sciences

In this TMA I am going to write about some of the winners and losers on City road using the study materials provided.  A winner on city road is someone who benefits or gains from the street and a loser is someone who experiences a disadvantage towards the street. City Road is over 200 years old and one of the fast paced streets in Cardiff made up mostly of take away and shops.  
What about in text citations?  You do not seem to be employing these as much as you need to be.  Anytime you use information or ideas that are not your own you need to reference fully and using the Harvard format.
A lot of these shops and takeaways are aimed at the ethnic minority such as Xquisite Africa, Sanna Silk and Mezza Luna, making the minority a winner on City road as their cultures and religions are not only welcomed but catered for especially. Another winner on City Road is the student population as they have Cardiff Tertiary College, student accommodation, nightlife and take always aimed at students offering 2 for 1 drinks.  
People in the community who prefer a more traditional way of life such as using newsagents s such as Auto Trader are losers on the street as the corner shops can not compete with competitors. You have several examples within this section – but you need to develop them individually, and much more fully or make it plan this is part of your introduction – which it does not seem to be at first glance
Xquisite Africa is owned by Janet Symmons who sells products in her shop for the African population which she has imported from Africa. Not only is she bringing the African population a reminder of their home life and culture but she is also trying to help them stick to their origins and not change who they are to fit into general society which is something Janet Symmons felt she had to do.  This helps the African population bring a part of their culture to their everyday life in another country and society.  So who s the winner? – make your point clear...