Social Responsiblity

JJT2 Social Responsibility

What is Social Responsibility? Social responsibility is described as a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. (corporate social responsibility,2014).   Furthermore, social responsibility is in place to protect the interest of society. Unfortunately, it is not required to go beyond but rather requested from every business owner to take extra steps to avoid harm to the public it serves.   Corporate Social Responsibility is corporate conduct that requires companies to be making decisions based on financial goals, societal interest such as sustainable development, clean environment, conduct and protection of society.   Corporate social responsibility can be best described as an unwritten contract between society and the environment.
Starbucks, (the name has been adjusted) is a leader in the coffee industry. Starbucks is famous for piping hot and fresh coffee and a long commitment to preserving the environment. Customers go far and beyond looking for the best coffee on the planet and Starbucks has earned the namesake. Starbucks is committed to giving back to communities and the environment in which it serves. Starbucks believes in treating people in a way that they would like to be treated.   Starbucks commitment to people, planet and environment, is solidified by the seamless integration of green marketing strategies in the working framework.  
Environmental Consideration
    There are four areas that companies should primarily focus on; the environment impact, Ethical Leadership the way a business practice, Organization viability and Legal and Regulatory compliance. Starbucks dedication to the best coffee is the world is true not only in the taste and brand but also in the commitment to use environment-friendly products. Starbucks is devoted to environmental leadership in all facets of the business. (Our Environmental Mission Statement,...