Social Pollicy

Unit 5 Project

Janice Smith
Professor Kowaluk
September 6, 2011

When attempting to separate children from their family, there are a number of moral and ethical issues to consider.   A person whose profession deals with human relationships and emotional issues must be competent to make these decisions and also be objective.   They must also be equipped to think about moral and ethical issues when it involves family relationships. They need to take into consideration the well- being of the children and the emotional impact removing children from a home will have on the family as well as the child.   The rights of the parents and/or guardians are also an important ethical issue.   There are four stages of working with children at risk.   They are recognizing the problem, evaluating the situation, protecting the child and future planning for the child.   There are not enough foster parents who want to take in newborn infants and special needs children.   This results in children being placed in group homes or being separated from their brothers or sisters. It also leads to some children being moved from one home to another.   These factors take an emotional toll on children which leads to behavioral problems and doing poorly in school.   It also takes an emotional toll on the parents or guardians.   Removing children from a home also puts a financial burden on the county and state.   Putting children in foster care costs   money.
Due to the emotional and financial burdens this policy would cause, I would have to disagree with the policy of removing children from homes that have more than one or more domestic violence, child abuse, or drug or alcohol related offenses.   Removing a child from a home would cause an emotional breakdown of the family structure.   The emotional development of a child can be compromised if they are placed in a different   environment.   “In fact, children in foster homes are more likely to develop behavioral, educational, and emotional...