Social Network

Positive Social Networks
You have most likely heard that social media sites like Facebook and Youtube have over a billion users but you probably didn’t know the Staples center home of four professional sports teams, the Grammys ,X-games and numerous concerts has less than half a billion guests in a regular year. Because of social networking receives so much judgment I decided to take a side and state that because social networking provides advertisement, communication and a since of unity.

In the virtual world one can find social groups, trends and advertisement. There are different website groups online depending on an individual interest, such as an interest in sports, music, hobbies, religions or any type of formed group. Social group can start trend like dance styles depending on the selected music, shoes used depending on the sport played, or even bibles chosen depending on religious denomination. Social network advertisements usually have two basic forms: intermission videos or banners that leads to the advertise website. Advertisement in the virtual world is use to advertise companies, opinions or an individual. I was surprised to learn that 64% of companies use social networks for recruiting applicants. During the presidential debate, elected officials’ President Barack Obama and former presidential nominee Govern Mitt Romney both agreed on bringing back the middle class by creating new jobs. This is exactly what the social networks news does when individuals’ opinions are shared throughout the internet. These opinions which President Barack Obama and Govern Mitt Romney shared help to advertise them during their campaigning process. President Barack Obama and Govern Mitt Romney campaigns were both highly discussed though social networking.
Many people believe relationships survive with trust and communication. This opinion is very true for many relationships especially long distance relationships. Long distance relationships usually relight on...