Social Movement

1. Many people dislike or are frightened by social movements, yet as many sociologists have argue that large social movements are necessary in order to achieve significant expansion of the democratic rights. (Jasper and Goodwin, Hayden, Snow). Use at least two of these sources to explain why social movements are necessary to make significant changes in American society, including culture, and laws.

  Snow thinks that large social movements are necessary in order to achieve significant changes because social movements bring collective actions involving individuals to joint. When compare to individual actions, large social movements join individuals together which lead to a collective action. They have a greater power to show their grievances toward their demands and claim

2. Movements develop strategies and tactics to achieve their goals. One of the most important choices that the southern civil rights movement made was to remain non-violent in the face of extreme violence. Summarize in your own words two of Martin Luther King’s reasons for believing that the movement must remain non-violent. What was the basis of his thinking?

  The southern civil rights movement illustrates the great success of the use of non-violence resistance in a movement. The reason that Martin Luther King strongly believe that movement must remain non-violent is because he believe that what we should attack is the system itself but not the individuals who caught up in the system. Remaining non-violence so we could focus on the problem itself. Violence never brings permanent peace. And in the southern civil rights movement, what the African American wants is to have the same rights as Americans but not to destroy the relationship between African Americans and Americans. If they use violence, the Americans would only grow even more hatred on them without seeing the problem of the unfair law at that time. And the African American are able to rise their noble height . With nonviolent...