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Controversial and Influential Workings of Howard Stern
Love him or hate him, one must admit that “Howard Stern” has definitely been an influence in the media over the past thirty five years. I personally have been a Howard fan since his early days in Washington and his competition with “The Greaseman” and his overtaking of the ratings in Philadelphia and his feud with “Captain Janks”. In the early 1980’s he quickly became the number one morning show in New York as well as over 26 million listeners in syndication across the United States. Although he may be the self-proclaimed “King of all Media” you may not agree, but you have to agree he has had his hands in a little bit of all the forms of media. He has had a radio show, a television talk show, made movies, written a couple best-selling books, newspaper and magazine articles, pay per view shows as well as a personal tour at one time. Howard has been given credit for influencing such things as election of different officials such as: Gov. Pataki of New York, (who named a bill after him) Senator D’Amato, and Gov. Christie of New Jersey, (who named a rest area after him). He was also credited with influencing the run for New York governor in 1994 in which he actually received over two- thirds of the majority vote but withdrew citing reasons due to privacy and freedom acts when they wanted him to disclose his address and financial records. Howard has also been claimed to in 1998 influenced his listeners into voting for Hank the Angry Dwarf for People magazine cover over “Dicapreo” and “Clooney”. He is credited for helping “Snapple” become a 1.3 billion dollar business and swaying the voting in the 6th season of American Idol by having his listeners vote for Sajaya   Matakar . Recently his interviews on his satellite show with such greats as David Arquoette, Camille Grammer, and Charlie Sheen’s porn friend Kacey Jordan, has caused controversy that is discussed frequently on other medias and keeps Howard on the radar.