Social Marketing Campaign

German university in Cairo

Marketing department

T.A: Miriam Bebawy

Group: T-16

Done by: Hassan Kamal 7-3139

                                                Mohammed Demallawy 13-7761

  Karim El Kady 13-1047

  Mahmoud Seyam 16-3370

Phase 1:

Summarize key background information leading to the development of this plan.

      During the last 25 years, Corruption in Egypt became a ruling social law that spoiled ambitions, justice, equality, spiritual value and equal opportunities among Egyptian citizens.   Egyptians are living this blossoming series every day as the fall of the junior and senior figures in different branches such as media and governmental institutions became daily news. However corruption can be defined as abusing power to achieve personal gains. According to Transparency International'sĀ Corruption Perception Index which supervises 180 countries by their perceived levels of corruption, Egypt rank is 115 in 2009 as determined by assessments and opinions of experts knowing that this ranks are in ascending order.

What is the campaign purpose, the intended impact (benefit)?

The purpose of the campaign on the short run is to ensure that all the citizens are well informed of what corruption is and to provide the essential information needed to combat corruption by elaborating the citizen role in this issue such as reporting corruption whenever seen to the specialized authorities. While on the long run, the intended impact is to eliminate the pervasive corruption in Egypt and to increase the Egyptian transparency within the society.

What is the campaign focus?

The focus of the campaign is to explain and elaborate the bribery phenomenon in Egypt in terms of the seriousness of the problem, reasons and how to annihilate this omnipresent virus in all its forms in all country sectors.

What internal strengths will your plan maximize?

Our plan will be maximizing public figures and popular book authors to...