Social Influence Theory

Applying Social Influence Theories

Applying the Social Influence Theory
Have you ever wondered why people choose to do the things they do? Is it the right thing

to do, are they being influence by something are someone? Social influences change the way

people think and the way they react to certain situations. Understanding why they react to these

individual changes and beliefs will be the first step in creating persuasive messages.

      “Three important theoretical perspective can shed light on the process of persuasion:

Cognitive Dissonance Theory Elaboration Likelihood Model, and Social Judgment Theory.

Though there are many theories that explain the same areas of behavior, these three are among

the more popular and serve the purpose of giving a more comprehensive understanding of the

process of social influence”( Module 6 Reading).

      Society and individuals are overwhelmed with messages from a variety of sources

including TV and magazines to name a few. These messages promote not only products, but

moods, attitudes, and a sense of what is important and what is not important.

Commercials affect people more than we realize, they have hidden messages in them

and they have always been appealing to society. An example of a mass mediate persuasive

message that affected me when I was watching a recording of my favorite soap opera,

during the commercial break Whataburger was showing a new bacon and cheese burger,

of course it made me hungry and I thought about that burger for hours because of

the commercial and I got in my car and headed to Whataburger to buy what I saw on the

television, I was not hungry because I had just eaten lunch 2 hours earlier, but I had to

have it. Imagine what children think when they see these messages in the media.

      Fast food is all around us the majority of us eat it and do not realize how it effect

our health. Social environment influence what we...