Social Health Care

.   Reflecting account describing how personal preferences, attitude, heritage and beliefs might impact on working practice.

Values, beliefs, heritage, attitude and personal experiences might affect a work place as everyone has different values, beliefs and preferences.
It is very important to be professional at all times while at work as all these factors can have very negative impact not just on my clients, but also on my colleagues and working environment. My actions might seem to be correct for me but they are actually wrong for others.
For example I might have very liberal religious views and I might think that attending church every Sunday it is not necessary, however my client might have strong religious beliefs and is a devoted churchgoer.   Therefore if I will not be professional I might impose my views on my client or not prioritise this aspect of person’s life while completing his/her care plan. As a result it can have negative impact on my client’s quality of life and also the person is likely not to be satisfied with the provided service.
One of the most common examples that I observed while working in care sector is how staff are bringing their preferences of food into their work place. For example if staff member likes eating spicy food he/she usually thinks that plain food is not nice and cooks it according to their preferences. However the client might prefer plain food and avoid eating the food that is served what can have serious implications of health as client is denied his/her meal (especially is the person is suffering from diabetes).
There is also a strong possibility of discrimination, neglect and abuse arising at the work place that can affect clients and/ or other members of staff.
For example if I think or I was brought up to believe that certain cultural practices are wrong, e.g not eating pork, I can be serving pork for a Jewish or a Muslim client. The other case is if I think that everyone should be eating meat, I can neglect...