Social Classes

Robert Byrne       Student No. 10711437

What is social class and why is it important?

Social class is simply derived from the type of society in which we live; it is a necessary addition to the manner in which our society operates. Social class is the division of certain classes within a society due to their economic status, their power within that society and also the popularity of that individual within the society all of which are hugely contributing factors that determine a person’s social class within any given society. I do believe social classes are important devices to motivate employees excelling at work to earn increased income, it also rewards persons in special positions within a society to receive high pay for duties rendered such as doctors or judges.   It could be argued that without class our current existence would fall apart, if everyone had as much money as they needed to not work, who would provide all the tertiary industries we have grown accustom to, who would work in all the vital manufacturing factories that contribute to the ease of walking into a shop a purchasing any item of clothing you need in thousands of styles. Who would run the agriculture business ensuring food is available to collect from the isles of the local supermarket, which would struggle to exist itself with no employees willing to work obviously.

On the flip side of all this, there are some negative impacts which the classes system creates. Persons with a weaker suitability for top-level positions within certain corporations and most top government positions are more often than not appointed because of their social status, not their ability to assume the duties of the role in the most efficient, economically sensible and ethically responsible manner. I am not going to articulate my views of international societies on this issue but from an Irish perspective I imagine it is safe to assume the majority of the top level positions of certain businesses and government...