Social Change

Social change is an event or action that shares the same values changes culture and society in a positive or negative way. The key features of social change are; social change happens all the time, sometimes intentional but unplanned, it is controversial, some changes matter more than others. Social change happens all the time everyday scientists and technologists are finding and creating new ways to do stuff. I looked on YAHOO the other day and scientists have found bacteria that live off of Arsenic and phosphates something no one expected. Some social changes that happen are intention but not always well thought through an example of this would be the internet. The internet was designed to connect the world and socialize. More and more people are becoming addicted and seclude themselves from the outside world and use social networking instead. Social change is controversial everyone has their own response to events. An example of this would be the television it was invented for entertainment purposes it is still used like that today just so much more. There is controversy about how much TV a person or child should watch. Some changes matter more than others. There are always social changes on clothing and hairstyles which are meaningless but things like equal rights for women is really important.
    Modernization is a process that society goes through industrialization, urbanization, and other social changes that change individual’s lives. There are four characteristics of modernization;
1. The decline of small, traditional communities- An example of a small communities declining would be the Amish. Pennsylvania used to be the number one place the Amish resided now there are a fraction of the small communities.
2. The expansion of personal choice- People used to not be able to pick their religion or their jobs. Today most are granted this.
3. Increasing social diversity- Staying with the family used to be what everyone did now people are branching out and...