Social Care

1. Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role

As I work in two difference industries   a carer and office manager in construction communication is still very important. Communication can be done by text, letter, email, forms,   telephone, non- verbal and verbal face to face.   When dealing with someone face to face eye contact and body language is very important as calling out there correct name they liked to be used. How you relay the correct information and it is understood and receive a response and act on it. This may mean changing ways you communicate so the person understands fully what you are speaking about. In my role as a carer its very important that I have good communication skills to speak with clients understand there requirements and needs and gain a trust also being able to speak with there friends and family, being able to write in log books and report issues back to senior carers and care managers so care plans can be updated or OT or GP need to be contacted. Also if there is an emergency it’s important that I am able to relevant information and communicate clearly to the emergency services. I deal with the people who have dementia, sensory disabilities, and diversity in religion, culture and sexual preference. As my role as an office manager role I have to able to communicate efficiently and correctly reporting to directors, health and safety managers   and making sure all the staff are performing as they should and following all government policies. The policies include health & safety, decimation, employment laws