Social Care

CT236: Implementing duty of care in Health, Social care or Childrens and Young Persons setting
1.1: what does it mean to have duty of care within own working role?
It means that as a senior carer I am accountable and responsible for the care of the individuals within my working environment. The manager understands that I am to protect vulnerable persons from abuse/neglect and actively report any malicious intent, the person causing damage must refrain from doing so immediately, and a report filed if necessary with the appropriate authorities. I must record data accurately to ensure continuity of care between professionals and accepted personnel within Heath Cottage at all times. I must co-operate and contact any outside agencies as requested/required to care for the health of the vulnerable person within my care. I am completely responsible for any ill-health/harm or injury.
Any miscalculation in medication errors that have occurred within my working purview is my responsibility. I should note any miscalculation immediately. The manager will be reported to about any theft/vandalism or irresponsible behaviour or misconduct reported to me, which will be dealt with efficiently and reported to protect others within our working environment. A duty of care also requires that I follow guidelines/legislation and policies to ensure staff/residents are maintained to a good standard and my understanding must be comprehensive.
I must also understand that I am liable for any harm/neglect or abuse within any relationship to me during my working performance such as not providing adequate continence care resulting in pressure areas to have developed. Any claims made by the resident/families or other working colleagues for me to be liable would be investigated in account with my relationship to the person. They may ask the following:
  * Do I have proximity to the person claiming to be harmed/abused/neglected?
  * Am I accountable for the person’s duty of care at time of...