Social Analysis in Using Slogans on Clothing

A current advertising and marketing campaign that has been recently launched, which includes a new range of infant and children clothing “has caused outrage” (Critchley, 22 July 2009) among many family groups. Several of the slogans displayed on the new clothing include: “I’m a tits man”, “Mummy likes it on top”, Pardon my nipple breathe”, “I like big boobs”, “The condom broke”, “They shake me” and “I’m living proof my mum is easy” (Critchley, 22 July 2009). Many family groups deem these slogans may have an affect on society and believe the slogans are actually “sexualising children, as well as exploiting the female gender (Neville, 26th July 2009).

The company involved behind these slogans Cotton On Kids simply believe that these new range of tops are meant to be humerous. A spokesman for Cotton On Kids states “the slogans are not meant to be taken seriously”. “The clothing that displays the slogans may not appeal to everyone, but there is certainly a place in our society for provocative humour that pushes certain boundaries” (Melocco, 21 July 2009).

Although Cotton On Kids defend these slogans many family organisations believe they do not promote a healthy message to society. “They’re risky, they coarsening and they don’t promote a decent family message.” Australian Family Association spokesman said, “It shows they do not put any value on motherhood or families” (Melocco, 21 July 2009). The exposure of these slogans could have implications on boy’s expectations towards their mums and the female population.

Many family groups believe that the slogans are sexualising children and derogatory towards women and this theory is backed up by Psychologist Steve Biddulph who states “there is clear evidence that sexual content harms children. We simply need a national body that proactively prohibits both advertising and products in the public space that sexualise children or harms them in other ways”. (Lunn, 11 August 2009).

Due to the media reporting,...