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Prejudice and Discrimination Article

Prejudice and Discrimination
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Prejudice and Discrimination
    While my time in Indonesia was both interesting and an eye opener for the way of life for

many who live there, it was very educational on the large amount of discrimination towards the

Chinese that lives in this country.

    The ethnic Chinese that live in Indonesia have been discriminated against for several decades.

They have been ridiculed over their beliefs and their way of life. The government sees the

Chinese as a financial commodity to the way of life for the Indonesian people. The Chinese are

not looked upon as part of the Indonesian people, and the government has let this, and also

practices these themselves. The government has been reported to put the ethnic Chinese down in

many ways and at many times over the years. The ethnic Chinese have been told by their own

government that they are not aloud to practice their religious beliefs and they have also been told

by the government that they are not aloud to display anything that has to do with their culture and

way of life in sight of the people of Indonesia. The ethnic Chinese can not even celebrate the

Chinese New Year.

    The Chinese have left Indonesia in large numbers since the 1940,s because of the fact of the

discrimination against them by the Indonesian people and the Indonesian government. The

Chinese have been threatened, beaten, raped, robbed, and have even been burned alive as well

as their properties being burned to the ground. That would included their homes and, if they were

business owners, their businesses. The government and the Indonesian military has even extorted

money from the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia, but that did not keep the ethnic Chinese from the

abuse and the discrimination from the military or the other people of Indonesia.

    The Chinese are not the only group that has...