Soc 402 Week 4 Quiz

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1.Which of the following has the highest divorce rates?
first marriage
second marriage
both types of marriage has same divorce rate
people who get married in their 30s
2.The number of years of education completed by a student is a measure of educational ___________.
3.The term _______________ refers to working full time for poverty wages, working part time when full-time work is desired, or working at a job below the worker’s skill level.
full employment
none of the above
4.The evidence used to support the notion that the nuclear family is dying usually includes factors such as: ___________
economic condition of the nation
the fact that people are marry earlier in life
divorce rates
the fact that people are living longer
5.The ____________ is the proportion of the labor force that is not working but is available for work and has made specific efforts to find work.
unemployment rate
underemployment rate
full employment rate
none of the above
6.The work place death rate has been cut by more than half since 1970 by ___________.
the republican party
the Supreme Court
the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
the Bush II Administration
7. At best, you can say that the greater happiness and satisfaction reported by the better educated may reflect _______________.
a tendency toward greater fulfillment of potential 
a tendency toward higher status
a tendency toward higher wages
a tendency toward more responsibility
8.According to the text, _______________
most Americans marry at some time in their lives.
a majority of those who are single occupy this status forever
generally, married and non-married men and women are equally happy
all of the above
9.The voting percentage for people who have four or more years of...