Soc 402 Week 1 Quiz

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1. The nation’s most serious health problem is ________.
breast cancer
ovarian cancer
abuse of alcohol
2. Repeated use of a drug or alcohol to the point of periodic or chronic intoxication that is detrimental to the user or society is called ________.
social deviance
 3.The 1973 Supreme Court decision of ___________ reaffirmed the position that obscenity is not protected by the First Amendment.
Roth v United States
Miller v. California
Frank v. Waters
Savage v. Ellam
4.Prostitutes’ Education Network claims that there are more than _______ American women who have worked as prostitutes.
5.Attorney General ___________ ordered the bare breast of the statue Spirit of Justice in the Justice Department’s Great Hall to be covered.
John Mitchell
John Ashcroft
Janet Reno
Sandra Day O’Connor
6.What percentage of college students are binge drinkers?
 7. Fetal alcohol syndrome refers to ______________.
alcohol that is absorbed by nursing infants
miscarriages experienced by pregnant women who drink
babies born with alcohol-related defects
premature infants born with genetic problems caused by fathers who drank
8. A tactic among debaters is to attack the opponent personally when they can’t support their position by reason, logic, or facts. This is called _______.
fallacy of personal attack
fallacy of misplaced concreteness
fallacy of dramatic instance
fallacy of appeal of prejudice
9.The idea of the globalization of the economy would be measured at what level of social life?
individual level
group level
societal level
global level
10.Addiction has been called a ______ because continued abuse of a drug causes changes in brain function that drives the addict to...