Soc 331 Week 3 Quiz

SOC 331 Week 3 Quiz

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1. Question : Of the following, which is NOT an element in George McGovern’s “new definition of ‘defense’”?
Student Answer:
The quality of our education
Military protection against terrorism
The health of our people
The strength of our transportation
2. Question : Of the following, which is NOT a criticism of Utilitarianism?
Student Answer:
There is the threat of the tyranny of the majority.
People should promote the greatest good for the greatest number.
John Stuart Mill, an influential proponent of utilitarianism, incorrectly assumes that “desirable” and “desired” mean the same thing.
Utilitarianism is subjective and subjectivism renders moral debate meaningless.
3. Question : The question about who has the right to vote is a matter of ______________ justice.
Student Answer:
4. Question : People are more willing to pay to watch Marcelena play tennis than to watch others play tennis. So it’s just that she receives higher pay than the others. This view is consistent with
Student Answer:
Robert Nozick’s Egalitarianism
John Stuart Mill’s Retributivism
John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism
Robert Nozick’s Libertarianism
5. Question : Why did Malcolm Birnbaum argue that the mentally ill have a constitutional right to adequate treatment?
Student Answer:
Because government has no right to commit people to mental hospitals against their will.
Because committing mentally ill people to hospitals against their will constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.
Because patients committed involuntarily who receive inadequate treatment are deprived of liberty without due process.
Because patients committed involuntarily who receive inadequate treatment are not receiving equal protection under the law.
6. Question : Which of the following was NOT a result of the Civil...