Soaring Greater Heights in Science and Technology

As we all know our country   belong to the Third World and as such we Filipinos are confronted with problems of development which are related to food, energy, education , social services, manpower development, capital formation and industrialization to name a few. It is therefore imperative that we as a people should join hands in addressing these problems.
Our country abounds with raw materials and indigenous sources of energy. We have been favoured by mother nature with a vast endowment of rich natural resources. We are therefore in need of men of science and technology who can lead and teach our people how to harness our energy resources and process our raw materials. We the youth are tasked to take part in the world of technology to develop our natural resources for national goal and development. But what is technology? It is the application of knowledge to practical purposes, on the other hand, it is also the conversion of the matter and energy as such that these matter and energy can be use to man. A technology must be adapted to meet the present needs, to help solve the economic crisis we are reffering now. Our concentration therefore should focus on the technology that will utilize our natural resources using indigenous materials that are equally if not more effective than imported ones. A technology that never puts our environment at risk rather nurtures and preserves, for our generation and the generation to come.
Today as ever more than in the past, our country needs young people like us who are equipped with increase awareness among others in sorting out the problems in which each one of us may play a role and who can soar greater heights in the field of science and technology in bringing the nation to progress and prosperity.