So Much to Tell You

So Much To Tell You
Marina gradually regains her will to live and her courage to speak by writing in a journal that her English teacher Mr Lindell had given her and the class. At the start she was too scared to write in it because she thought that the teacher would read it. Marina would go and sit at the school chapel some where she could pray and release her thoughts on life and where she could have some time to herself. Marina made a new friend named Lisa while being at Warrington they passed notes to one another because that the only ways Marina would talk. Marina started seeing a counsellor her name was Mrs Ransome she would try to get her to talk. Marina started writing letters to her father while he was in prison at the end of the novel she went and saw her father who she hadn’t seen for awhile.
Marina write in a journal most nites it helped her release her thoughts about her life and everyone around her and when she got older she could flick back through it and could remember when she was younger, Marina was scared to start writing because she didn’t want the teacher to read it because it has her secrets inside of it.
Marina would go to the chapel to go pray and release thoughts of live and think of what her father was doing it also gave her some time to be by herself in peace and quiet.
Marina would talk to Lisa over passing notes to one another because Marina wouldn’t talk.
Marina hadn’t seen her father in years they spent Saturdays together while she was doing hurdles in the sixth grade but when Marina broke her ankle tripping over a hurdle that was to high because they forgot to put it down after the boys had finished and he ankle was never the same and so her father stopped coming to watch her race. When Marina wrote to her father on June 24th it was a big step because they hadn’t talked in years and at the end of the novel she went and saw him and then said “I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU”.
When Marina sent a message to Mr Lindell she told him that...