Snow White

Once upon a time, there was a King who ruled over Neverland.   He had two sons.   The youngest married Cinderella.   The eldest son, Prince Charming, went on a journey to see the whole kingdom of Neverland.
A few months later, people in Neverland was getting ready to hear the verdict of the King who accused Show White of stealing his son, Prince Charmings heart ….


Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury.   I am going to give you the facts that lead to Show White stealing Prince Charmings heart.

Prince Charming heard about the girl, Show White, who lived in the Enchanted Forest with seven dwarfs.   People in Storybrooke, the town near the Enchanted Forest, told him that Show White was hiding from her evil stepmother.   He was curious to meet her.

Snow White immediately knew who Prince Charming was, as everyone in Storybrooke spoke of him.   She was like a widow spider, wanting to capture his attention.   She knew that a Prince could be the only one that can safe her from her stepmother.

The Prince was not looking for a bride.   As the son of the King, he wanted to make sure that everyone in the Kingdom was happy.   His only concern was the safety of Snow White.  

Snow White knew that the Stepmother was on her way to the Enchanted Forest because the Castle’s Hunter told her so.   He said she had a poison apple with her, that she was going to trick Snow White into taking a bite from the apple.  

Snow White knew that if Prince Charming was to take a bite from the poison apple, she could be safe.   She needed to convince Prince Charming that he must die in her place.

Prince Charming was young, travelling through his father’s kingdom.   Wanting to ensure that everyone is happy.   His heart was stolen by Snow White.  
Prince Charming, was a romantic and he dreamt of a true love’s first kiss. He hoped that a Princess would come with this.   He immediately fell in love...