Smoothie Shop Business Plan

Business Start-Up and Planning Course

Business Brief
I am looking to open a smoothie bar in Littlehampton, West Sussex. The Company will offer a wide menu of juices, smoothies and milkshakes as well as a small selection of food, including sandwiches, wraps and salads. All products will be organic where possible.

Business Name
The name of the business is of crucial importance. I felt it was important to have a name that was relatively unique, easy-to-remember, and have brand recognition. The name also needs to be fun and amusing, so that it encapsulates the personality of the brand. Therefore, I think it is best to have an amusing pun, such as “Smoothie Operators”.

I have checked this name against Companies House ( and it is not currently taken. “Smoothie Operator Ltd” was a catering company in South-East London but has been dissolved since April 2009. Also, these names to not break any Companies House rules by being offensive, using terms that denotes a type of business set-up (e.g. ltd, plc, etc.), or using any prescribed or sensitive words and expressions.

After further research it appears that ‘Smoothie Operator’ is also an iTunes App game (, and a smoothie bar resource firm ( It is probable that there would be no problems as we would not be competing directly with either of these companies, but it would need to be researched further.

Target Client
We have two main, and quite different, target clients for our smoothie bar. The profitability of the company could depend on our ability to successfully appeal to both markets.

Research tends to suggest that younger people tend to drink more smoothies and that they’re often seen as a luxury, impulse purchase. Therefore, our target client would be a young adult or teenager wanting a quick treat. They would be impulsive and opportunistic in nature, and be willing to try something...