Smoking is the most dangerous behaviour that negatively affects people in the world.

You are going to be ill while you smoke which also makes your precious family sick.

Also, it causes many indirect damages that could affect many people who don't smoke.

Moreover, it causes huge economic costs which are mostly spent to cure smoking-related diseases.  

Because smoking is the most harmful behaviour in the world, you must quit smoking which is killing people even at this moment.  

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Illness is the worst effect of smoking that people should avoid it as much as possible.  

It causes very serious diseases; for example, lung cancer can kill you.  

Moreover, there are many studies to show that smoking causes the disorder of body organs, like a respiratory ailment that damages your lung.

It also reduces physical abilities, such as decreasing memory.

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Smoking has several indirect damages that can affect other people including non-smokers.      

Passive smoking can damage the health of precious people around you,   such as your wife, children, co-workers.          
Another indirect damage of smoking is oral hygiene; for example, your teeth will become bleached or you will have terrible breath.

Smoking is also a source of environmental pollution, like cigarette-butts that smokers throw everywhere.

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Also we bear huge economic costs because of smoking which damages to countries.

When the number of smokers increase more, we are levied more taxes, such as   public health care costs which are spent on patients who are suffering from smoking related illness.

Smoking leads to the growing costs of smoking prevention programs, like anti-smoking education.

Besides, it causes additional social costs; for example, we have to educate and develop new labor force who will be substitutes of   patients who can't work anymore.    


Many people are dying due to smoking related to illness...