Smoking Outline

Wk 5 Outline
February 5, 2013

Topic:   Should smoking in public places be banned?
Thesis: Smoking bans should be placed in public places because this is important to people’s health, the younger generations, and a reason for smokers to quit.
Possible Introduction: Why should we let smoker’s endanger our lives with second hand smoke?   If you were at a restaurant having a nice dinner with your spouse, and at the next table were smokers, wouldn’t that ruin your dinner breathing in their smoke?   Smokers are endangering their lives as well as the people around them.   Some people say that this would be discrimination on their rights.   Do you think this is correct?   If you think about it, if you were to get cancer from second hand smoke, who would you blame?    
Main Point 1:   I.   Health Issues
Sub-point 1:   A.   Effects smoking have on your health.
Sub-point 2:   B.   Dangers of second hand smoke
Main Point 2:   II.   Younger generation
Sub-point 1:   A.   Why children start smoking
Sub-point 2:   B.   How to protect the younger generation  
Main Point 3:   III.   Effects the ban has on smokers
Sub-point 1:   A.   Money you could save
Sub-point 2:   B.   Improving your health
Possible conclusion: When things infringe on others rights, then they should be banned.   Second hand smoking has been proven worse than first hand smoking.   If a person makes the choice to put their own health at risk, they should not be permitted to endanger others around them.   As smokers, you are given the right to smoke in your own home and smoke zones and that should be enough.

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