Smokers and Their Disagreements with Nonsmokers

“Nonsmokers and their disagreements with Smokers”

      Many of you might look at smokers and think it is cool and harmless. At this age some of you guys aren’t aware about smoking as much as you should be. Sure the animated commercials seem cool and funny, but the “coolness” of smoking can turn into something very harmful. Smokers and nonsmokers have different perspectives about certain things when it comes to smoking. Areas such as health, respect for self and others, awareness, and peer pressure are viewed different among the two.

      Have you ever stopped to think about how smoking can affect your body and your life? Most of you are aware that people who have smoked for awhile can get lung cancer and emphysema and eventually die, but many don't know about all of the bad things that smoking can do to them right now. If you smoke, you owe it to yourself to find out about the effects of smoking on your life now.

      Non-smokers tend to have more respect for their health and the health of others around them.   Smokers, on the other hand, harm others health and pollute the air. Do you think smoking should be prohibited in public places?   Smoking in public is rapidly becoming socially unacceptable. Nonsmokers are concerned about the hazards of being exposed to a smoky environment, one causing eye irritation, respiratory distress, and allergic reactions. Smokers should have the right to smoke, but it's not reasonable if that right is harmful.   Many smokers become of fan of smoking due to the peer pressure of others, nonsmokers on the other hand are not as easily influenced. You have some people that grew up watching their parents smoke or even grandparents. I also realized that teenagers involved with athletics tend to not smoke.

      Television and radio make it sound easy to “Just say no” to smoking. But honestly, it may not be so simple. You may be facing pressures from friends who smoke, you may be stressed out for home, school, or work, or you...