Smithsonian Jazz

Record from Smithsonian jazz. Disc 5 track 3
Recorded on: March 2nd April 22nd 1959
Album: kind of blue
Title: so what
Miles Davis, Trumpet
Callonball Adderley, Alto sax
John Coltrane, tenor sax
Wynton Kelly, Piano
Paul chambers, bass
Jimmy cobb, percussionist

The song chosen was titled “So What” which was recorded on the album “Kind Of Blue” by Trumpeter Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderley on the Alto Saxophone, John Coltrane on the Tenor Saxophone, Wynton Kelly on the Piano, Paul Chambers played bass, and Jimmy Cobb served as the percussionist.   “So What” is performed in the modal form of AABA. In the form AABA, there are 32 bars and two different patterns of chords throughout the piece. The A part of the tune will be played with one pattern, or in the case of modal jazz as seen on this recording, one set chord. The following A section will be played with the same pattern as the first A set. The B section acts as an adhesive by binding the A sections of the song together, this section is called a bridge.   This is the part of the head that illustrates the changes and gives the tension in the piece. The last A is the same as the first two and is usually where the musician will end his rhythm to decide if they should start another chorus or end their solo.

0’00” Introduction:   Wynton Kelly opens up first on the chart. The pianist’s intro does not stick to the changes in the head; however, Paul Chambers breaks in playing the bass very lightly, which most likely means that the intro was planned out to some extent and very little improvisation was done to the piece.

0’35”:   The head of the melody comes in at this point; it is uncommon in jazz guidelines to have a head played on the bass because it is seen as a softer and less projective instrument. The first 8 bars are played with the piano accompaniment and drums playing lightly in the background.
The second A section is shown at once with Jimmy Cobb playing on the 2 and 4 beats quite...