Smc Case Study

I Background of the Study
In the early 1980s the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) and A. Soriano Corporation (ANSCOR) Group of Companies, under the leadership of Andres Soriano, Jr. addressed a long felt need for an effective formal planning system for the two companies. 

According to Soriano, the companies had developed their budgeting and long-ranged planning systems several years earlier but, despite the many advantages these gave them they still were not satisfied with their ability to respond to the rapid changes in the environment around them. Therefore, they search for a process that would enable them to upgrade their planning capability.

In November 1982, Dr. Lorange addressed a joint dinner-meeting of SMC and ANSCOR Group and shares his insights on the implementation of the strategic planning of the two companies. 1982. The time of Marcos regime. In which the control of the ownership has been turned political. Rapid changes to environment merely occurred.
II Objectives
  * To determine loopholes in the planning process.
  * To develop a strategy for an efficient planning process.
  * To decide on the need for developing a planning manual for the planning process.
III Main Problems
  * the planning process is much time consuming which involved more work than one might reasonably expect of people; 
  * the two companies emphasized in developing the objectives and strategic programs led to past strategies outweighing the new strategies; 
  * There were some Business Family and Element Teams who were asking for "hand-holding" to guide to the process.
IV Solutions
  * Constitute a more active team of managers in the planning process, develop new strategies based on the past, and provide planning manuals to all Business Family and Element Teams. In order for the process to be easily done, there’s really a need to select on the best superiors in the team. They should be flexible enough in solving any problems encountered by the company and...