Smart Car

Question # 1

What is Smart’s competitive advantage of smart car in Asia?

1.1 Renowned Safety Aspects

Fixed with airbags, anti-locking brakes and catalytic converters are the core safety features of Smart in which these are found mainly in bigger and higher capacity vehicle.

Even though small in size, deformable crashboxes in front and rear, steel-reinforced seatbacks, high seating position which move occupants away from danger zone in side impact and sandwich floor construction which allow the engine slide under passenger space in rear end collision are strong safety attributes which make Smart marketable which take away the negative perception that even a small car is still a safe car.

      1.2       Small Size with Comfort

Its size is useful in metropolitan cities in Asia where there are many fast growing cities and heavy urbanization happening currently.

Being 20% smaller than subcompact vehicle, Smart is able to swirl well in dense cities traffic beside requiring small parking space where the growing cities are facing space shortage and high density traffic.

Majority of Asian are physically small would made Smart as a suitable vehicle compare to Westerners in general.

Even though it is small in size, it is spacious inside with state-of-art comfort.

      1.3       Unique design and quality

Its design which is funky and trendy attracts the young and new Asian markets which are the majority of the population currently.

      1.4       Ability to Mass Customization

The ability to manufacture the Smart vehicle of various combination of colors, accessories and packages supports the changing Asian diverse cultures and tastes of different growth level.

Smart have 11 basic models from Smart City Coupe (standard features), Smart Cabrio (fully tailored to customer wishes which are funky, fun and fashionable),   Smart Roadstar (compact and sportive besides driving enjoyment) and   Smart Crossblade (exclusive for personal...