Slr Assignment

Sports Coaching
Weighting: 30%

Name: Luke Lawrence

Teacher: Mrs “Grandma” Thompson


Warm Up
Players/Students will start by doing one slow jog around the oval to loosen up muscles to get the body warm and ready for physical activity.
After the lap is complete they will perform stretches for the legs such as their hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles followed by stretches to the upper body around their shoulders and necks.
Once basic stretches have been applied dynamic stretches will occur;
Lunges – lunges help improve performance by loosening up the hips, improving leg drive and strengthening the butt and hamstrings.
High knees – High Knees are enhanced to improve ankle strength and to help your hip flexor.
Side Steps - Allows movement in the groin for a more movement in the legs.
Butt Kicks- Improves hamstrings and Quadriceps and the ankle.

1. Passing: Players line up behind 3 cones that have been set out in a diagonal line with the man with the ball 1 meter ahead of the 2nd marker and 2 meters ahead of the 3rd marker. This enhances passing backwards and timing your run, players will participate in this activity 6 times each.
2. Playing the ball: In three lines one player will run up and play the ball, another will be at dummy half and passed onto 1st receiver who then runs 10metres and goes to play the ball while the previous person who played the ball goes to dummy-half and dummy half goes to 1st receiver position. Players will run up and down the field twice in this activity.
3. In Game Situation: Players will get into pairs and their will be 1 designated defender who will try to defend the 2 attackers who are trying to score a try, this will enhance their skills to beat a player and outnumber opposition teams.

A grid will be aligned covering up the whole entire field, players will run up 10 meters to the 1st cone, drop to the ground then get back up then skip across right...