Slaves No More

History 1301

Slaves No More Essay

This article is about many subjects relating to slavery. Robert Lumpkin a slave‚Äôs dealer had a ship load of black slaves in his ship. When he arrived in Richmond, he put his slaves in a two-story brick house.   Little did those slaves know that it could be there last night as slaves? Unfortunately, this was not good for Robert Lumpkin because he had invested in this trade and this was his way of making a living. The confederates had left portions of Richmond in flames. All this chaos led to the white slums and impoverished people along with black folks to raise hell amongst the city. The slaves who were jailed probably heard all the commotion and had begun to chant. White folks were scared; they were securing their homes and businesses. The black people entered the Hall of Delegates and were having a good time, mocking them I assume in how they performed when delegating. All the black people were rejoicing now they could have a chance to see their loved ones whom some had not seen in many years.   White families were crying, crying for what happened in Richmond, like this was such a hurtful event that happened to them, they should have thought how those black people suffered. They cry for a city in flames but not for another human.

      The author in my opinion is letting us know how some of these slaves felt after they heard the news, all were celebrating, yelling and screaming for joy, insignificant gestures that I assume were not permitted in front of the white people. Some blacks did not join the Yankees; I suppose they felt like they did not want to take a chance in joining the army, by the time they wanted to go through with it, there was them white folks calling them back to get to work. These slaves did not have any reason to place any confidence in the union, because they felt they would not be around when push came to shove. Some blacks stayed with their white masters because of what was going on, they were...