Slavery is one of the most feared injustices that include rape and torture that can come upon an individual. Also slavery is a forced labour where humans are considered as property of others. Becoming a slave can start of the time of birth, capture or purchase and have no option of leaving, getting wages or refusing to work.   Due to this slaves can result in mental, emotional and physical hardships.
The evidence of slavery has predated records of almost all cultures and continents. Movement of the slavery began as a revolutionary thinking and developing political ideas which helped redress the inequalities of the societies. In some societies slavery existed as a legal institutions or either as socio-economic system, however today it is formally outlawed in almost all countries in the world by the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights.
Human rights are the rights and freedoms to which all individuals are entitled to have. And with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, each individual has the right to complain or fight for their rights if they seem not to be treated fairly in any matter.
The Declaration of the Human Rights was created by the United Nations. This declaration gains its power by the acceptance of the international community as opposed to the formal ratification. The wide range of the acceptance of the declaration suggests that it may be a part of the international customary law.
Slavery in India dates back to at least 1500 years ago. This has an approximately fifteen million children working as bonded labourers in India.
Making of the beedi cigarettes is one such industries that children are forced to do. The average number of beedies a bonded child labourer rolls in a day is 1500, for an average pay of just nine rupees, converting that to Australian money is approximately two dollars and fifty cents. Most children work many years for their agents. They try to pay of the families debts and try and support its family which may...