Sky Diving- Memoir

An Epic Flight
As the plane aggressively climbed higher like a fighter jet in a dog fight, my mind began to race about how it came to this point.   Unsure if I was petrified of heights, there was no way of knowing until my father suggested skydiving. My moment had come. Knees shaking, clammy hands and sweating profusely meant I was petrified. The place in Tecumseh had me watch an informational video to acclimate me to my dive; followed by some brief instructions. This training helped me relax and get the most out of my experience. All the while that was going on, my parachute was harnessed and strapped to me as tightly as it could possibly go. Nothing but pure panic, it felt as if my life was being signed away. The urge to make a run for it crossed my mind but, at the same time the feeling of the thrill for excitement overwhelmed me. The instructor gave me a few more instructions on what to expect and how to land without hurting myself.   It helped that he was very amusing and was constantly joking; which kept me calm and collected.
One moment we were sitting on the bench of the airplane with solid metal under our feet, and then the next moment I was shuffling my butt toward the door as we were getting ready to exit the plane. The camera crew spun out first so they could take pictures of my dive. My instructor strapped himself to me preparing us for my experience of a lifetime which was jumping out of an airplane at 15000ft. It was surreal to look out of the plane and see the amazing skyline. As we flung out of the narrow door in an amazing back flip, screaming as loud as possible in excitement, the aggressive wind howling in my ears made it difficult to hear my own voice. My eyes shielded by the tight glasses made it easier to see the houses and landscapes down below. Each flip, tumble and twist we did felt like that one carnival ride when a person sits in a swing in mid-air going round and round... except this was a hell of a lot more exciting. The thrill of...