Feliks Skrzynecki

  1. In stanza 1 “kept pace only with the Jonese” wich represents Feliks   is a man who lives by his own standards, a non-conformist, not influenced by those around him Feliks belonged to himself.   In stanza 2 Skrzynecki tells us that his father was a hard worker “hands darkened from cement” content with what he was doing.

  2. Feliks Skryznecki and his Polish friends have a sense of belonging, when they meet each other and shake hands even though Peter Skryznecki finds this unsettling. When they all talk they have a sense of belonging when they reminisce about their memories in Poland there is a sense of not belonging in reference to Feliks having spent time in a forced labor camp in Germany. Peter feel a sense of not belonging as he’s not used to the formal address.

  3. Feliks feels in this stanza uncomfortable with his first meeting in bureaucracy, he has a sense of not belonging “did your father ever attempt to learn English.” (The clerk’s perception of Feliks is one of being an outsider) the barriers to Feliks belonging is his lack of understanding the English Language.
  4. Feliks belongs in his garden and this sense of belonging is created through words like “ Cypress”, beautiful lawns
  5. Peter .s moves further and further away from his adolescence experiences and his sense of belonging to his father’s culture is slowly eroding. Peter feels a sense of detachment as the years past and he gets older
  6. Feliks chooses to belong to his garden and to the world he feels comfortable with. Feliks does not make choices not to beling in fact he makes an effort to belong to the environment he lives in.
  7. Peter Skrzynecki sense of belonging is slightly confused as he appreciates and remembers fondly Feliks’s environment and this gives him a sense of belonging, but also Peter Skrzynecki moves away from Feliks’s world as stated in Stanza 7 “I forgot my first Polish Word”
  8. Peter Skrzynecki feels that his father has a...