Skryznecki Poems

Feliks Skrzynecki
Context (What's Happening) | Quotation/What You See | Technique | Effect | What it shows about Belonging |
Feliks talking to his old Polish friends and how they remember the old ways of life | "Talking, they reminiscedAbout farms where paddocks floweredWith corn and wheatHorses they bred, pigs" |  Incluing | Gives the reader an insight into the world that Feliks comes from, a heritage of culture and tradition that is not present in his new life. | It shows the reader the image in Feliks' mind his intrinsic belonging to his heritage and where he would rather be which contrasts the extrinsic contemporary world of suburbia/city in which he lives. |
Feliks reminiscing in his garden. | "Loved his garden like an only child" "He swept it's pathsTen times around the world" | Simile + Personification Hyperbole | Shows where Feliks' priorities are held. A lack of attention to Peter. Feliks is of a different generation and is alienated from the extrinsic world/finds comfort in his intrinsic world of his garden where he spends most of his time. | Represents how Peter was isolated from his father Feliks who spent all his time belonging intrinsically to his garden. Peter has developed to the new environment where Feliks has not.   A choice in belonging, Peter is assimilating. |
Peter describes how Feliks feels in his garden. | "Watching stars and street lights come onHappy as I have never been" |   | This shows the reader   a reflection of Peter   through his father Feliks - he clearly happy to belong in his garden and Peter is unhappy because he has assimilated | A choice to belong in his garden has proven to Feliks that he can be happy without assimilating and belonging to the new world he has immigrated to. Peter has chosen the opposite direction to assimilate and conform making him unhappy. |
  Peter forgetting his first Polish word at thirteen | "I forgot my first Polish wordHe repeated it so I never forgot." "Watched me pegging my tentsFurther and...