My skills audit is:---------------------------Yes i have to work around my 2 yr old daughter alot of the time tryin to fit in study hobbies an family all around her, so alot of the things i like to do and alot of my study is done in the evenings whilst my daughter is in bed. Lots of things have to be written down on the calendar i.e birthdays, appointments etc.---------------------------I have left things in the past until the last minute and then panic cos i cant get things done in time - as a result of this i make sure things are started well in advance and plan them so that things work out.---------------------------I use the internet to source alot of things as i find it easy to use and readily available pretty much anywhere these days, i do also use leaflets as well at times and magazines and books.---------------------------I often use a sat nav to find my way to places but i also look at the map on google to just get a brief idea of where i am going, i have accessed graphs to look at schools in my local area to see which are the best. ---------------------------I always have to work out my money and how much food shopping i can for the amount i have, i use a weighing scales very regularly to measure ingredients to make cakes, i use a calculator to add up bills and expensise so i know what i have to pay out every month/week.---------------------------I am always making lists for shopping etc to remind me of what i need to get, i also make notes so i dont forget to do things, i send emails on a daily basis and i'm always talking to friends on social networks.------------------------------------------------------good planning and listening, better time keeping---------------------------Note taking---------------------------