Skill Sets Within the Media Industry

Skill Sets – A1 T3

Creative |
To be part of the creative skill set, a requirement you need is to be able to be to think outside the box. Being able to think outside the box is a requirement because when you are creative you need to think about creating something completely new and something that the people will enjoy. An example of a company thinking outside the box is Apple; they were the first phone company to introduce the full touch screen phone. This was a big risk they took because they didn’t know if it would work and if the public would have liked it. |

Design |
To fit in to the design skill set, one requirement you will need is visual awareness. This is because you need to be able to adapt what a person tells you they want to design in to the actual design itself. Without visually seeing this, when going in to the designing stage you will not know how to design it and what the design is going to be to an extent. You will also need to be creative and imaginative. You also need good I.T skills as you may have to design on a computer. |

Technical |
To fit in to the technical skill set, you will need to have good communication skills. This is a requirement because you will need to be able to communicate these technical skills and relay this too someone who doesn’t know anything about IT and you will need to relay it to them in simple terms. |

Business |
To fit in to the business skill set, you will need to have the ability to lead. This is because if you work for a company and work for a team in this company, and you have an idea, you need the will power and ability to lead to force your idea through the company. Possibly the most important skill set needed in business is negotiation skills, this is because different business will need to negotiate terms, the better you are at negotiating, the better you will terms you will have. |

Entrepreneurship |
To fit in to the entrepreneur skill set, you need to be a risk taker. Many...