Skateboarding Speach

How many of you have hobbies? Okay, all of you do, well   Sometimes hobbies can turn into a career, just like in Rodney mullens case,  
Hi, my name is _______,   I am going to tell you a bout Rodney mullen,   one of the worlds greatest skateboarders life , and accomplishments along   during his life. I have spent countless hours   reasearching, as well as practicing   rodneys   tricks
Rodney mullen is truly a well rounded person in life, business,   and skateboarding.
On august 17th   1968   john Rodney mullen was born ,   with his father, a doctor, and his mother was a stay at home mom.   When Rodney got older his father didn’t want him to skateboard because he could get hurt, and   he felt skating wouldn’t   allow his son to accomplish any thing in life, but   finally his father let him get his first skateboard   in 1974 when he was eight,   the terms to ride the board were that   Rodney was
.forced to always wear pads,   second and not let skateboarding get in the way of his school –work.   Over the years Rodney showed great skill at skateboarding,   then he gained his first sponsership   that was from inland surf shop, then when he was thirteen, he turned pro, and started taking part in professional competitions,   stacy peraltas Bones brigade team offered Rodney a position on their team, and he gladly accepted.   The bones brigade team was an amazing team of skateboarders in the early 1980’s   headed by stacy peralta.   Stacy peralta is know for discovering many of todays greatest skateboarders, such as tony hawk.

Rodney has accuired many personal accomplishments during his life.   Like becoming a professional skateboarder, as well as graduating from the University of florida, he majored in Bio mechanical engineering. Bio mechanical engineering is using the principles of engineering to improve the medical world in things like health care,. .   Another of rodney’s personal accomplishments is that   later in life Rodney got married to   his current wife Traci Mullen. And Rodney...