Six Flags

In the summertime here it’s feverishly warm; you can feel the rays of the blazing sun down upon your back.   The sweet smell of funnel cakes frying floats through the air attracting people as they enter the park to stop and taste.   Boisterous sounds of the roller coasters throughout the park make one feel scared yet excited not knowing the thrill of a ride.   The excitement, thrill of the rides, treats to eat, and atmosphere at Six Flags Magic Mountain is the reason why it is one of my favorite parks to visit.
The monstrous accelerated rides give many an adrenaline rush from the height, speed, turns, drops, and loops.   I get nervous and start to feel my heart racing when I’m next in line to board the ride.   Also, while ascending toward the peak from where the rollercoaster begin as it drops into high speed through the loops turns and twists.   For example, Goliath, one of the tallest roller coasters at Six Flags, is one of the most terrifying rides there for me; slowly ascending up twenty-six stories with the clacking noise of the roller coaster, then reaching the peak and dropping at eighty-five miles an hour back up to another drop. Getting off the ride you feel jittery, dizzy, and light headed, but get a satisfying feeling that you conquered it.
Besides the rides, the atmosphere and the tasty snacks and treats are what make the park more enjoyable.   The atmosphere from waiting in lines, meeting knew people, bonding with friends and family, enjoying new and old experiences there is the best.   The tasteful treats from the corn on the cob, candy, funnel cakes and ice cream are irresistible.   The corn on the cob is barbequed over a big fiery grill and severed hot and ready to eat. You can add salt, seasoned salt, and/or hot sauce. Funnel cakes are a must when visiting Six Flags.   The deep fried bread with powdered sugar sprinkled over with fruit topping and whipped cream, and to your liking you can get a scoop of ice cream on top, is a mouth watering treat.