Six Branches of Philosophy

Elsie Francois

                                        American Intercontinental University

                                          Unit 1 IP Introduction to Philosophy

                                              Professor N. Sanderovsky

                                                  March 30, 2013



    In this paper is information on the meaning of the six branches of philosophy.

1.   Metaphysics: This is about finding your inner self. Metaphysics is also related to all religions but in different means. There may not be that much of a difference between the physiological and spiritual world. Believing in God is a personal choice no madder the religion, all though in some you may be raised where religion is very important and you live by the rules of the lord. God is a wonderful way to spend time reading about and if you really pay attention you will learn that there are things in life that if you do badly it will come back at you in one form or another. Your soul is who you are, what you live by if you have a good soul you will do good and good will come back to you “(What comes around goes around)”. How the soul leaves outside the body is some by choice and some out of necessity. Meaning you may chose to give your soul to someone or it may leave you for protection if you are in trouble. The soul can stay alive as long as when the physical body dies your spiritual being leaves in its proper form. Everyone lives there lives differently some are free willed and some believe in fate. FINISH

2. Epistemology: This is a study on how to come to understand thinking and reasoning which is also done through experience. When it comes to atheist not believing in the word of God and theist who do, can cause conflict about epistemology and so when they are having a discussion on the subject...