Single Stage Coal Gasifier

Single Stage Coal Gasifier Description
The coal gas producer is a equipment that use coking coal, anthracite, weak conherent charcoal as fuel, air and steam as vaporization medicinalpreparation to produce gas as heat source.
it is widely used in the enviroment-friendly and energy-saving technological renovation of gas-processing heating furnace, gas forging furnace, gas crucible furnace, gas mold furnace, grilled ladle gas furnace, sand resin heating gas regenerater, glass melting gas furnace, ceramic gas furnace, smoke exausting refractory kiln and tunnel kiln, as well as the renovation of furnaces that burn coal or oil, kilns, and equipment that needs heat such as metallurgy, chemical industry, allumim, fire-resistant materials, glass products and existing kiln,with very good effect. Coal Gasifier:

How the single stage coal gasifier work
When the coal gas producer working, coal is put into the furnace body from top   then moving from top to bottom, Gasifying agent ( air and steam) move from the bottom up, Physical and chemical reaction are happened during the furnace chamber. It can be divided into five levels as follow:
Ash Layer
This is the bottom level , coal   residue , it has three major usages:
1) because the coal residue are produced from oxide layer, it’s temperature is still high and   preheat air and steam as high as 200 degree when they get throught the level, therefore, accelerates the reaction, improves the gasification rate of coal on the oxide layer.
2) the coal temperature become lower because of the heat exchange, it good for protect slag breaking pan
3)the slag loosing on the slag breaking pan, it can uniform distribution the gasifying agent .
2. oxide layer
Oxide layer is also called burning layer, Oxygen and charcoal chemical reaction become carbon dioxide ( O2+C=CO2)meanwhile, produce heat.
3.reduction zone
The area is the for produce coal gas, three main chemical...