Singapore Airlines

Curtin University
Foundation certificate iv

Written assignment
Project title:  
What does the term organizational environmental? How do you think each of the internal and external environments organizational related to Singapore airlines

Student:   Liem William Halim Junaedhi.(15302610)

Lecturer: Stephen Lee

1.0Introduction                                                       Page

2.0Internal environment Page

3.0Mega Environment               Page
3.1Political Legal forces
3.2 Economic element
3.3 Socialculture
3.4 Technology
3.5 International

4.0Task environment Page
4.1 Customer
4.2 Competitors
4.3 Supplier
4.4 Labour

5.0 Conclusion

In every business there are two different environments, internal and external environment. . Both environments are affecting the firms in such a different ways. Internal environment is about planning and understanding the market, the purpose is achieved organization goals in external environment. Usually, internal environment will talk more about the organization culture. External environmental, it is the major forces outside the organization with potential to influence significantly a product or services (Bartol 2008, 43). External environment divided into two types, mega environment and task environment.
Internal Environment

External Environment
There are two types of external factors that can give affects to Singapore Airline Company. First type of external environment factors is mega environment. Mega environment can be defined as General environment is the external environment segment, which reflect organizational broad conditions and trends in societies within an organization operates in. services (Bartol 2008, 43). In this case PEST-I are identified in details. PEST-I are involved about political and legal forces, economic elements, socialculture, technology and international. Second environment is task environment it is consists of...