Silas Marner

A Balanced World
(Silas Marner)
Joe DeSantis
English 12
Brad Clemons
There is a balance to life. Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people, but in the end, everyone gets their just deserve. Silas Marner is a man who had everything going for him: a beautiful fiance', a good job, church, community, and best-friend. Just when things couldn't get any better, things start going wrong and Silas's perfect world crashes in an upset of pain and confusion.
    Silas was a devout religious man. He attended church regularly and was heavily involved with the leadership, but his years of devout loyalty to the church were not enough to save him afer his pocket knife and an empty coin-purse showed up in the wrong places at the wrong times. William, his best friend, in an unexpected betrayal, framed him, and accused him of theft from a dead priest. The evidence was weighed, and Silas was banished. His fianse' left him, and he had seemingly nothing but his money left.
    After a time of travel, Silas settled in the town of Raveloe. He was heartbroken and thoroughly depressed. His money became his lover, and his God: for why would a "god of love and mercy"   frame the innocent?   Silas was not welcomed warmly by the town of Raveloe, and he didn't welcome them either. Silas lived a lonly life for several years, until a strange instance of accurances happened to him: his gold was stolen, but a far more precious gift was given to him...a golden-haired child named Eppie.
    Eppie was ironically enough, the child of the man who was (in a way) responsible for the theft of his money. Upon the discovery of the poor orphan, Silas decided to take her in as his very own.   He loved her and raised her with love. He was even able to connect to the town of Raveloe, and together raise the child, and when the child's biological parents who abandoned her try to reclaim her, Eppie chooses to stay with her true father: Silas.
    In the end even Silas...