Significant Canadian People

ISU Argumentative Essay

There are some events in Canadian history that show the world that we are not just another one of Britain’s colonies, events that show the world that we are our own country and we decide what is best for Canadians and for other people in other countries.   There are also Canadian people who have made a difference in Canada and even the world.   The events and the people that are significant in Canadian history are Canada joins the Korean War, the Gulf War, Terry Fox, Pierre Trudeau and Lester B. Pearson.   They have shown how Canadians contribute in their own country and in other parts of the world.   In every decade starting from the 1950s Canadian people or events have truly made a difference and are significant in Canada’s history.  

In the 1950s after World War II the United Nations has been in place for five years and works to promote peace throughout the world.   However a crisis is beginning to occur in Korea between the people.   After WWII Japans empire was destroyed and the Soviet Union occupied North Korea seeking to gain influence in the region, the Americans were moving into South Korea.   Both groups left but not before establishing a communist government in the North and a democratic government in the South.   The tension between the two countries was rising and on June 25, 1950 North Korean forces crossed the 38th parallel into South Korea.   The UN created a solution that involved force in order to preserve peace with the contribution of military forces from sixteen different countries including Canada.   North Korean soldiers eventually reached Seoul, South Korea’s capital fortunately UN forces arrived and forced North Korean soldiers to retreat.   They had taken control of the capital and were moving to the Chinese border.   However Chinese soldiers struck back at the UN with a massive force that pushed the South Korean and UN soldiers back.   With new soldiers and equipment the Chinese and North Korean armies forced the American...