Western warfare by far provides invaluable tactical and technical approaches to warfare leading to continued success on the battlefield which is displayed throughout history.   Adopting the western warfare way of war is not a simple task since it requires the integration of all elements of the warfare.   The five critical components distinguish western warfare include; technology, aggression, discipline, financial support, and most importantly integration.   All which were achieved by the Union Army during the American civil War with innovation proving as the most valuable.
The Union Army exemplified the Western Way of war during the American Civil war leading to the complete victory over the South.   Their ability to synchronize all five elements of the Western way of war directly led to their success over the Confederate Force in 1865.   However, the innovation of the Northern forces was the cornerstone to their victory over the South.   As seen in their use of improved weapon systems, defensive operations, and integration of the railroad technologies, the north developed innovative ways in order to use systems to their fullest.   Developing innovative financial options to back the war effort allowed for the stock pile of weapons and payment for a force that would stand in the face of danger without fleeing.   Altogether, innovation best exemplifies warfare in the American Civil War and led to the success of the Union Army.
The Union Army had minimal advancements in technology over the Southern States.   This was actually the first conflict in which both sides possessed equal weapon and industrial advancements.   According to Geoffrey Parker in “The Cambridge History of Warfare,”
The American Civil War ranks as the most important conflict of the nineteenth century because, for the first time, opposing governments harnessed the popular enthusiasm of the French Revolution to the industrial technology that was sweeping the West.
Technology, the development or borrowing...