Sigmund Freud

Dahlila Johnson
English 1301-65502
Prof. Buenning
Journal Entry 1
10 June 2013
Freud’s Controversy
                      Sigmund Frued has a unique way of explaining the human mind and the way it works. Feud’s theories are used in a wide range of subjects in institutions of higher learning. Many can argue and disagree with some of the findings of his studies, but obviously his theories hold some truth. “The Oedipus Complex” displays some of those theories.
Freud begins this article with an example of logos by writing “In my experience, which is already extensive, the chief part in the mental lives of all children who later become pyschoneurotics is played by their parents”.(478) Freud establishes his credibility early on in the Oedipus Complex to ensure his readers entrust that what he has to say is true. People tend to listen to experienced professionals when it comes to certain things. If a professional can tell you the inner workings of your child’s mind why would not listen. Frued uses logos to get this point across to his readers. Since people value their childrens well-being, Frued assures his readers in the beginning that his knowledge of this subject is indeed the truth. In order for Freud to further get his point across he used the logos method by saying “Today just as then many men dream of having sexual relations with their mothers and speak of the fact that indignation and astonishment. It is clearly the key to the tragedy and the complement to the dream of the dreamer’s father begin dead. The story of Oedipus is the reaction of the imagination to these two typical dreams. And just as these dreams when dreamt by adults , are accomplished by feelings of repulsion, so too the legend must include horror and self-punishment. Logos is used here to tie in the logicalness to his theory about boys having sexual feelings towards their mother and hatred towards their father. Frued suggests that little boys have their first sexual encounters with...