Sia Case Study

The Company is called Singapore Airlines and is the only airline company in Singapore. We are ranked second best Airline Companies in the worldwide. SIA is a worldwide Company devoted to create flight transport services of the top levels, and to get the most profits for its employees and shareholders. They take off the air one of the newest aircraft flotilla in the worldwide to more than six continents, with our Singapore Girl as our worldwide-distinguish image satisfying the top standards of concern and assistance that consumers have required of them. They have the tendency of ruling the way, and along the way create a high rank in the industry.

Company Background
Singapore Airlines has mature from a district airline into one of the global’s top passengers and cargo carriers. Currently, they have a latest and young squad of aircraft. Their home ground Changi Airport, is frequently voted the global’s finest, and works as their entrance to Asia and outside limits. 

They had stray around from their modest roots as a small provincial airline. Their tale started in 1947, when Malayan Airways first maneuvered a twin-engine Airspeed Consul between Singapore, Ipoh, Penang and KL. Passenger requirement grew and so did the pledging airline. In 1955 it had a fleet of Duoglas DC-3s. The setting up of the Federation of Malaysia in 1963 came up to some name changes; first to Malaysian Airways and then later, to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) in capitulation to the carrier’s joint shareholders, the governments of Malaysia and Singapore.

MSA come to an end in Oct 1972 and two new airlines, Malaysia Airline and Singapore Airlines , were formed. At its introduction, the new national flag of Singapore had a humble fleet contains of 10 aircraft, a recruit of 6000 staffs and path network spreading to twenty-two cities in eighteen countries. It had 25 years of great experience and never-ending ambition. Singapore Airlines quickly began to enlarge and upgrade...